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Welcome to my hostal End of the Trail, I’m Franklin and I offer you the opportunity to come and visit in my own home, to enjoy my hospitality and swap some bull over a good breakfast.

You’ll be delighted to see we pay attention to detail!

Franklin - Owner - USA

"I still believe that the word of mouth is so much better than any high-dollar website reference. We strive to see that when you leave The End of the Trail. You can Speak highly of your stay with us, so we try harder. And it shows".


Judge for yourself with a stay at The End of the Trail, in Arica - Chile. We are a small hostal with the most interesting people in the world walking through this door. Most with a backpack and need for some traveling relief. Lucky indeed they are to stumble onto The End of the Trail.

“Take off your boots and tell me the tales of your Trail”

Here, we have a short video to show you a quick zoom from South America and getting into Chile, then into Arica... and finally stoping close to The End of the Trail.



After seeing that video, you can get a better idea about our geographical location by navigating with the following interactive map:

See bigger map

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