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We offer three different options, let us know one
of your preference:

*    : For current international exchange rates, from to (or other equivalencies)... click here.
**  : Bedrooms are double matrimonial beds.

Rates are for September 2012 and subject to change. Contact us!


Nearby Services

From the Hostel you can get various services, but the most important are:

  • Agro Market Santa María, Fruit and vegetable market - On the corner of Av Santa Maria and Av Diego Portales
  • Santa Isabel, Supermarket - on Av Santa Maria but to the North West
  • Terminal de Buses, National Bus Terminal - on Diego Portales minutes from the hostal


To get to "Centro" (mainly 21 Mayo Boulevard), you have to go Southeast from the hostal by taking the nº 12 bus.


- In the supermarket, head for the parking lot past the checkout counters, machines are on your left!

- BCI bank on the corner of Av Santa Maria and Av Diego Portales

- Both enterances to the national bus terminal

- Scotia Bank has a machine in the main street

Medical Center

- corner of Gonzales Cerda and Av Argentina (5 minute walk)

- $18,000 for the consultation other costs extra

Carabineros (3rd Comisaría)

- Av Loa (may need a taxi for this one)


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